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Hello guys as previously we discussed some important basic SEO technique and technique, we are going to learn about Advanced Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing give priority to unique content. That's why we need to write our own content. To rank your website in search engine your website quality, security also matters.

According to some research 80-85% web traffics being with search queries so this is most important to rank your website in search engine. Staying on the top of rank is so hard, googles algorithms are updating daily so you need to up-to-date with latest news. Staying updated and being active in new research you will become 'Advanced Search Engine Optimization' export, also if you have good Advanced Search Engine Optimization knowledge you can start working for IT companies.

Advanced SEO

What you need to do ?

According to some research 80% peoples using Google search engine to research about product and to get their required information.

Once your website being  rank to the first place in search engine your website will be more visible that means you will get more web traffic to your blog.

The first 3 ranked website gets more than 60% visitors from search engine and more than 75% visitor does not click for second page. They all are visits to first page ranked websites.

Why SEO is important ?

There are many way to increase web traffic or you can say advanced technique that will be helpful to rank you website also getting more visitor to your site you can also turn them to your customers too.

some of the major technique for your blog 

  • Complete SEO audit
  • Learn users interest
  • SEO optimized page
  • SEO optimized content
  • Mobile friendly
  • Good UI
  • Sharing to Social Media
  • Back-link
  • Research about your competitor
  • Use multiple keywords
  • Monitor google console stat regularly 
  • Link your site with external high ranked site
  • Give new model to old articles
  •  Use Ad Words
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