Introduction to SQL: Querying and managing data

SQL is an standard query language, which is used to community with DB. SQL statements are used to perform tasks like defining, updating & retrieving data from DB. Some RDBMS that used SQL are:

Oracle : PL/SQL
Ms. SQL Server : T-SQL

Introduction to oracle:

Oracle is a leading RDBMS developed by oracle corporation. Provides interface tools to access data stored in oracle DB. The major tools are :

  1. SQL*PLUS - Which is command line interface (CLI).
  2. SQL Developer:- A collection of firms, reports and GUI
  3. Oracle forms:- It is a  GUI based tool used to develop data entry forms and menus that access tables in a oracle DB.
  4. Oracle Report :- It is a GUI based tool used to develop reports that access table in oracle DB.
  5. Oracle Jdeveloper:- It is a general purpose java integrated development environment. which is pre-loaded  with classes and methods used to connect and manipulate schema in oracle DB.

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Oracle SQL *PLUS is an interactive command line tool that allows a user to type SQL statements to be executed directly on oracle database. It has a ability to format database output, save frequently used comments and can be invoked from other oracle tools.

SQL *PLUS commands:- 

SQL *PLUS commands  allows user to manipulate and submit SQL statements specifically they enable a user to:
  • Enter, Edit, Store, Retrieve and  Run SQL Statements.
  • List the columns definition for any table.
  • Format, Perform calculations, store and prints query results in the form of report.
Some frequently used SQL *PLUS commands are :
  1. RUN
  2. SAVE
  3. START
  4. SPOOL
  5. QUIT
  6. GET
  7. LIST
  8. CLEAR

PL/SQL:- SQL language used in SQL *PLUS is PL/SQL . It is  an proprietary Procedural Language. PL/SQL used as query query language to communicate with oracle DB.

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