What is Google AdSense and method to earn money

Google is ( C-P-C ) means cost per click program that allows publisher to display Ads on their website that targets relevant  to content of their sites.

AdSense is one of the easiest and most popular way to make money online. In today's date almost every website wants to display google ads to their website to make some money and many blogger earning lots of money from blog. You can start writing article on blogger without paying any amount to anyone Blogger is the biggest platform which is provided by Google for free.
Google AdSense

There are some type of website having high quality adsense revenue:
  • Blog site
  • Forum site
  • Free tools site 

Blog site: A blog site is one of the most popular type of website, where you can write articles, you can share your experiences and also you can share thoughts. You can make money from blog by displaying Google ads on your blog. when you get more natural traffic you will be able to earn more money. Popular blogs earning lots of money by monetizing their blog so you can also earn lots of money by monetizing your blog.

Forum site: If you are not comfortable with writing blog and sharing your experiences you can create forum site where anybody can contribute their thoughts or share ideas to forum site. If you able to rank your forum site many visitor will visit you forum and they shares their ideas, suggestions etc and  also you can monetized your site to earn money.

Free tools site: A free tools site are very advanced level idea to monetize your blog. If you are software developer or you are able to hire developer you can develop online software/tools according to visitors needs they will visit to your site for their needs and finally you can earn or make money from website. for example YouTube multi-downloader , SEO tools etc.

Keys to Success:
But it does not matter what type of website you have, you can make lots of money from website. If your website ranked on search engine and you are SEO expert you can get lots visitor by ranking your website to #1. selecting good keywords, indexing your website to webmaster helps you to make your website more popular. also your website needs to meet the good quality and smart GUI (Graphical User Interface)  First impression is last impression so you have to make your website beautiful and well managed.
you can also visit this link to know more from official website of google AdSense 
and if you want to apply for adsense simply follow this link

Another way to make money from Google: https://goo.gl/QUmeHy

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