What is Blog ? How to make money with blogger

If you don't know what are blog then you have came to right place, here i will try to explain core concept of blog and some tips to start blogging.
Blog is a personal website where you can share anything like your experiences, knowledge, and anything that you are expert for. A weblog is a hierarchy of text, photos, graphs, and data that are arranged in well formed. It is small scale website in short it is the type of journal that is mostly maintained by single person and they are sharing their knowledge through blog.   It is the fundamental of blog and every blog on internet contains different articles that are managed by different bloggers.

Blogging websites are engaged with visitors and it is also very popular among social medias.
After knowing about blog you may think about How blogging is so popular ?

What is Blog ? How to make money with blogger | ElightTechnical

Blogging is so popular because this is the most effective way to engaged with customers for any organization able to make their customers up-to-date. They can update their new offers, some important information/updates etc. Blogging is flexible because if you have anything to share to the internet you can use blog to share your thoughts, ideas anything that you want. Also lot of people making money through blog. You can advertise and affiliated marketing to earn money. Google AdSense is one of the most reliable and popular way to make money through online or you can say from your blog.
However there is some drawbacks of blogging because blogging  takes more time and you need new content for every time. You have to find some new topics each time so it is some difficult task. If you are really passionate to writing blog you can write some creative and genuine articles and also you can make money from blogger.

How to start blog ?

Now if you are ready to start blog you can start with WordPress or Blogger. For more flexibility or frequent control you can start with WordPress and you can also start with Blogger which is offered by Google. You can start sharing your content with blogger without investing any amount. You can start with zero balance and if you want to make some professional you can buy high-level domain such as .com, .net etc this will help you to rank you site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the way to promote or make visible to search engine. If you don't know that is SEO you can simply follow this link to learn about SEO.    


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