Smart way to Earn Built Backlinks to your website

5 Smart way to Earn Built Back links to your website

Back-links are most important factor to rank your website on google search engine. The only way to rank rapidly on search list you need to generate as more as possible back-links. Back-links means that your website is linked to other relevant websites. Relevant website gives you more organic traffic to your website. This is the supreme ranking factor to get more organic traffics to your website. 
And of course you have to also keep eyes on your rank on google search ranking. When crawling the web, google look's in your particular website's back-links to understand how your pages are connected to each other and in what ways. Certainly there are lot's of way to rank and get traffics to your website but building back-link is the best way.


  1. Fix all Technical issues
  2. Broken-link building
  3. Redirect Chains
  4. Promote your content
  5. Guest article

Fix all Technical issues: Technical issues can hurt user experience that directly effects on your SEO performance. Technical issues will give you problem that reduces your google ranking, loosing your regular visitors. If you have these problems your backlinks wont work and imagine if your backlinks wonk effect what will happen to your traffic and ranking ?
Here are some technical issues that you need to look for :
Broken-link building: Broken building method is most effective way to create one way backlink. This method involves a webmaster to report the broken links. And the same time recommended to  other websites to remove that link.

Redirect Chains: It is another simple problem that can boost your site's authority once fixed.
Redirect chain looks like: Page A -> Page B -> Page C
Do you find the problem with this format ?
The problem is that Page B is acting as a buffer Between other two pages. This issues robbing PAGE C authority, to fix this you need 301 redirect Page A to Page C
301 redirect
This is the best way to fix redirect chain.

Promote your content: Promoting your content  is also one of the best solution to gain more traffics and getting backlinks. Great content will easily gets backlinks if you promote your content to the WWW world. You have to use email outreach program to get great visitors and promote your content.

Guest article: Guest post is the most popular and effective way to get new visitors by publishing your articles to popular websites. You will get your articles to new readers and if your content was great they will obviously visit to your website to read more articles. Some times its not just a creating backlinks, but also getting online reputation as well. Guest post helps you to create great relation and increase more natural traffics to your websites.

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