Fixed Point Iteration Method

This method is also known as direct substitution method or method of iteration or method of fixed iteration.
It is applicable if the equation f(x) = 0 can be expressed as x=g(x).
If x0 id the initial approximation to the root, then the next approximation to the root is given by,
and the next iteration will be
     x2= g(x1)

In general,

This method converges if |g(x0)|<1 p="">
Also read:

float g(float x){
return (sqrt(2*x+8));
void main(){
int i,n;
float x0,x1;
printf("Enter the no of interation:");
printf("Enter the initial value:");
for (i=0;ix1=g(x0);
printf("the reqd. root is:%f",x1);

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