Cloud computing, it's types and benefits

These days cloud computing interrupting every sector of Information Technology (IT).  Marketing, sales, organizations, finance and all of these sectors re-engineered their application to take advantages of cloud computing.  Cloud computing is instant access computing services. All the data are stored on cloud server so we don't have to worry about data loss or disk failure. We can access our data anywhere any place at any time. Cloud computing has lots of advantages over Grid Computing. When we store our data such as photos, text, documents online instead of on our home computer, or use social media such as Facebook, Google photosDropbox or any kind of networking site you are using a 'Cloud Computing' services. Some most popular cloud computing example is Web-mail, Social media, Online file storage or any online business applications. Many companies providing their services from cloud some of most popular companies are

  • Google: Google has private cloud that it using for delivering different services to its customers or users including Google map, Translation, Web-mail any many more. 
  • Microsoft: Microsoft has Microsoft® Share-point® online services that allows users for business intelligence. Recently Microsoft makes its office application accessible form cloud. Also we will be able to move our tools on cloud.   
There are three cloud computing deployment models or its types.
  • Private: It means refers to used exclusively by single user or organization. Private cloud only accessible within an organization. Private cloud can  be located on organization's data center. It's infrastructure and services maintained by private network. Private cloud is more secured and very low rates of data loss.  
  • Hybrid: It is combination of private and public cloud. These two types of cloud bonded together and it allowed to share data between them. Deadly combination of two different technology makes Hybrid clouds are more secured and relabel.   
  • Public: This type of cloud services is owned and operated by third party service providers. They are sharing their resources such as storage, server over the internet world. Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular example of public cloud service. You can access these services using web browsers with internet connection. 
The most impressive benefits of cloud computing are:
  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Global access
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Mobile Environment
  • user friendly
Cloud computing, it's types and benefits Cloud computing, it's types and benefits Reviewed by Santosh Adhikari on October 17, 2018 Rating: 5


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