Best programming language to learn in 2019

Coding is not difficult if you are truly interested to learn programming language, but you need hard work. Just saying i will became programming will be best joke. Regular practices curiosity and willingness will make you good programmer. If you are good in creating logic and coding your future is bright. Good programmer get high paid in market and they are always searching for goo programmer.

In current market scenario there are some programming langues which has lots of demand in market.  Choosing your first language always difficult because you don't know which language should be selected first. here i am going to explain some most popular programming language that will change your career.

When you are trying to decide which language makes the best career, developers typically looks for these four traits.
  • High salary
  • popularity
  • Tendency
  •  Easy to learn
Python: Python language is always preferred for an easy easy to learn and programming also it is recommended language to learn first .  Python is like English language. Python language is just like natural language and easy to understand for new learners. If you are interested and make career in Artificial Intelligence python would be best choice ever. Also python is popular for web development, software development, GUIs even Instagram and YouTube used python.

Java: Java is object oriented programming language. Java is also heavy-feature language that's have heavy demand in market. If you become good coder you will get job easily. JAVA is top competitor of python language. Java is OOP language so it will be easy to  learn but also it is hard to understand, if you are really interested there is nothing impossible.

JavaScript: JavaScript is also incredibly popular in today's market trending. There are lots of job vacancy for JavaScript programmer. Having additional knowledge of CSS and HTML  will be great for web development and design. JavaScript is also the leading the charge in test automation frameworks, being the backbone of frameworks like Protractor and Nightwatch.JS.

Ruby: Ruby programming language is similar to Python. It is also one of the easy language to learn who has no knowledge in programming. Ruby is popular for awesome full-stack framework, ruby on rails, which is becoming popular.

PHP: Hypertext preprocessor  is server side general purpose scripting language. PHP is also easy to learn for beginners. Fast, easy, flexibility makes PHP language more popular. PHP is widely used in web development.   

C and C++ would be best to start your career with programming language. because all programming language is developed with the concept of C language.  
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